Now Doctors and Nurses are Racist?

Stephen Nielsen

Just because black patients have poorer health outcomes doesn’t mean doctors and nurses are racist. Check out this recent article.

Now doctors and nurses are ‘racists’ – right

Betsy McCaughey: If infant mortality is higher among blacks, how about addressing actual causes?

ByBetsy McCaughey
February 15, 2023

Doctors and nurses are not racists. They’re everyday heroes. But left-wing activists and their media allies, including The New York Times, blame health care workers for the poorer health outcomes of black patients. That’s a cheap shot and a lie.

On Sunday, the Times published a front-page story based on an analysis of U.S. census data showing that black women die during childbirth or lose their newborns more often than white women. Even affluent black women and their babies die at higher rates. Money doesn’t insulate them from worse health outcomes.

The actual analysis didn’t blame racism for what happens to black…

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