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Our Victory in Christ: My Sins Are Blotted Out, Nailed To the Cross

Reading from Colossians 2:11-15, I understand that when I came to Christ He set me free from evil desires. My old self was removed, taken away (as the foreskin is cut off and removed in circumcision); it died with Christ; … Continue reading

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Jesus’ Presence is Torture to Demons – from Matthew 8:28-31

I think Jesus’ very presence is torture to demons and to all who walk in darkness. Just after Jesus and His disciples had crossed over the Lake of Galilee (after He had calmed the storm), He encountered two demon possessed … Continue reading

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Seven of the Devil’s Servants, False Teachers, that Are Trying To Pervert Our Prayers?

Here are seven of the devil’s most deadly servants—false religions and false teachers—which he has used to keep people from God and to deceive believers and pervert their prayers. These are partial excerpts from my books: Prayer A to Z, … Continue reading

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Satan’s Strategy: Three Secrets to Satan’s Strategy

Evil seems always to be celebrated on Halloween.  So I will take the opportunity of this day to give you this excerpt from my book Purpose of Prayer, from the chapter entitled Prayer Warfare – Part 1.  Christians: be on … Continue reading

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