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We Fail In Prayer When We Are Not Exposed To Real Needs

  Here are six ways we may fail in prayer. The first failure listed is that we don’t let ourselves be exposed to many of the real needs around us.  Needs – We don’t see the real needs.  One of … Continue reading

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7 Ways to Pray With Sincerity – Part 3

  When I am honest and authentic in prayer I will open up my heart and pray as I really feel. I will hold nothing back.  When I am open and transparent in prayer I will not hide anything; I … Continue reading

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Four Benefits of Praying Outside

  I have found that when prayer is practiced outside, during a walk or while sitting in a favorite spot, the rewards of prayer seem greater. Here are four benefits of such prayer.   1. The fresh air of the … Continue reading

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Quiet Moments on a Sunday Afternoon

  A swan and chirping birds lily pads on still waters buzzing dragon flies surround me   yes, a beautiful white swan I see walking gracefully over the water what a sight to see   warm, cool air blowing here … Continue reading

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Hezekiah’s Brave Decision to do Right–from 2 Kings 18-20

Finally, after all the wickedness and the compromises there comes a king that decides to do right.  His father before him, Ahaz, was terribly wicked.  So what made him decide to do right and reject the pagan worship that his … Continue reading

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Jesus’ Presence is Torture to Demons – from Matthew 8:28-31

I think Jesus’ very presence is torture to demons and to all who walk in darkness. Just after Jesus and His disciples had crossed over the Lake of Galilee (after He had calmed the storm), He encountered two demon possessed … Continue reading

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Four Hindrances to Finding Inner Solitude

The hindrances to solitude are those things that grieve God within us, and therefore would keep us from prayer. There are many things that would grieve God, but we will talk about four things in particular. The sins of lust. … Continue reading

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