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A Friendly Person Was God’s Gift to Me

  Yes, a friendly smile was God’s gift to me.  Yesterday morning I wasn’t doing too well.  It was hard even getting out of bed.  I remember praying for God’s help.  Then when I drove up to get my coffee … Continue reading

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Snow in Minnesota: God Has Made Me Glad!

  After the snow had come and gone After a good night’s rest I woke with a song The sun had come And I was hungry So I went to get some breakfast and a cup of coffee   I … Continue reading

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Ducks on a Lake

These are the first pictures I took with my new little Nikon Camera.  It’s the first digital camera I’ve ever had.  I took these pictures at a job site where I was working—painting and wallpapering.  That’s what I do for … Continue reading

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God Has Planned Out Your Life and Is In Control of Your Life – Exodus 14:1-31

  I get really aggravated at people that insist that God allows things to happen to us, but that He doesn’t control things.  If God just allows things to happen, who did it?  Who was in control?  The devil? Mother … Continue reading

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Memories of a Vietnam Vet

I was over there from 1970 to 1971.  It wasn’t that bad, but wasn’t a picnic either.  It was better than boot camp.  Looking back on it, I think I was too young to be over there fighting.  I really … Continue reading

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Tornadoes: Is Not God In Control of the Weather?

 Minneapolis Tornado, May 22, 2011 Minneapolis tornado, May 22, 2011 Also, check out the devistation in this young blogger’s blog caused by the Joplin tornado In my last post, just a few days ago, just after a barrage of deadly tornadoes hit … Continue reading

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