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Knowing That God Is Near Gives Us Strength for Purity

Originally posted on Studying Bible Prophecy:
A pastor once said to a man who couldn’t resist clicking on porn sites, “If you knew that Jesus was near you, sitting right next to you while you were on your computer, would…

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What do we set before us?

 That is one of the most important questions a Christian should ask himself.  For the thing we set before us will be as our guide and even as our god.  If we set anything other than the true God before … Continue reading

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For Those Who Desire Purity: Breaking Free Of Sexual Sin

Do you desire to be totally pure, free of lustful thoughts and habits?  You can be!  God has given us some good guidance and wonderful promises in Deuteronomy 7.  The chapter primarily gives guidance and promises to Israel, but they … Continue reading

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