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Prayer Is God’s Idea

  I think it is natural to assume that prayer is God’s idea.  For true prayer is always according to the Word of God—according to His promises and according to how He has taught us to pray. Some people, however,—those … Continue reading

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Pretending to Pray with Earnestness

   When I was young, I vividly remember sitting in church during prayer time, looking around, seeing how people were praying. I remember especially my mother, how she seemed to be very sincere, and even at times crying. I think … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Keep God on Your Mind as You Pray

  The focus of prayer must always be on God. True prayer reaches out to God and seeks to find God.  It meditates on God and internalizes God.  If we don’t do these things when we pray, if we go … Continue reading

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