A Prayer for Ukraine

He rescues them from death

and keeps them alive in times of famine.

Psalm 33:19

Oh Lord, watch over all them that fear You

and rely on your unfailing love.

Rescue them from death.

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Russian Censorship and Fake News

Stephen Nielsen

It is amazing to learn that most Russians have no idea what is happening in Ukraine. As reported in my Pioneer Press newspaper, “[They] refuse to believe that Russian soldiers could bomb innocent people or even that a war is taking place at all.” The Russian position is that Putin’s army is conducting a limited operation with the honorable mission of de-Nazifying Ukraine (I have no idea what that implies). Of course, Russian television is highly censored. They don’t show any of the terrible things going on in Ukraine; and they also have banned Facebook and Twitter.

I hope you know that this censorship is also happening in America; maybe not with Ukraine, but with other things that the media from people. But as soon as this country is taken over by socialism, believe me, we will be in the dark much like Russia is. But I hope and pray…

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A Look at Capitalism, Socialism, Marxism, Fascism, and Communism

Stephen Nielsen

For a long time now, I have wanted to write a blog on these isms. Some of them are hard to understand, because they are so diverse and obscure. And they seem to collide with each other; for instance, it seems that Marxism and Communism are almost the same. And, in addition to just being able to understand them, I have a growing concern for knowing why some people, esp. fascist leaders seem to be so infatuated with socialism and communism—like Putin. Why does he love it so much?

Well anyway, I intend here to take these isms one at a time, get their definitions and meanings, and then also to show their differences. Then I will attempt to show the digression of movement from one ism to another, starting with capitalism and ending with communism. Then last, I hope to tell you why I think some people, especially fascists…

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Censorship is Here

Stephen Nielsen

Yesterday I stopped at Barnes and Noble to see if the book The Great Reset, by Glen Beck had come in. No, it hadn’t. And I also noticed that all of the good books I like to read were nowhere to be found—books like TheRussia Hoax and Witch Hunt, by Greg Jarret, and books by Mark Levin and by David Horowitz, and by Dinesh D’Souza. I walked around and looked again. Nope, they were gone. I was a little surprised, but not really. I have suspected that it would happen, that books stores would start censoring books that the government (or Big Tech) doesn’t want us to read, because they don’t want us to know the truth. It’s all part of the Great Reset and eventual Communism. Yes, certain evil, fascist people want to control us, to control the world.

The main fascist will be the Antichrist…

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Update: Writing, Nazi Roots, Ukraine

Stephen Nielsen

I feel its time for an update, but I’m not sure what to write. There are so many things coming at me, begging for my time. I continue to write my book on TheTribulationthat I think is the most important for me, that God wants me to do. All my writing of books I feel are given to me by the Lord, so I feel good about it. I couldn’t imagine writing any book that was not given to me, or led of the Lord.

I am also reading The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left, by Dinesh D’Souza. I found it at Half Price Books. It’s a topic that I am really interested in, understanding who is lying, and exposing so much evil—finding the roots of evil in the world. It almost seems that some people see glamor and glory in…

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Surorile Gorgan – Nu pot sa stiu | Lyric video — Ioan17 – John 17

Versuri ️ Petru Brăila 1.Nu pot să știu Ce s-ar fi întâmplat De ne-ai fi luat De pe masă Painea Să n-am ce bea Când sunt mai însetat În timp ce belșug In toată lumea R:Dar una singur știu Puțin am prețuit Dar una singur știu Puțin am mulțumit Am pâine , am ce bea […]

Surorile Gorgan – Nu pot sa stiu | Lyric video — Ioan17 – John 17
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The Lies about Antifa – from “The Big Lie”

Stephen Nielsen

I am continuing to share my notes from the reading of The Big Lie, by Dinesh D’Souza.

Notes from pages 16-22

  • During the Trump administration you remember that there were showdowns between the Left and Trump supporters. And the Left viewed themselves as waging an anti-fascist struggle. They called themselves anti-fascists or Antifa.
  • The Berkeley protesters were also antifa. But they are the ones who were blocking speakers from speaking on a campus. Likewise, Antifa was harassing Trump supporters, burning things, and engaging with the police. But Antifa was saying that they are anti-fascist. Yet they are acting as fascists; and the ones they are accusing as fascists (Trump and Trump supporters) are relatively peaceful. Hence what they are doing is a lie.
  • On violence. The Left says that Trump’s agenda is based on violence: the violence of wall building, the violence of deportations, the violence of being against…

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Inverted Lies – from the book “The Big Lie”

Stephen Nielsen

I have just started reading the book, The Big Lie, by Dinesh D’Souza. It is so fascinating and true that I have decided to blog the high points. We will see how that goes. This first blog post will cover only the first three book pages, which are sort of an introduction of how Dinesh D’Souza will go on exposing the Nazi roots of the American left. I’m sure what is revealed will be quite evil but true.

Notes from The Big Lie, pages 1-3

  • Those who misbehave and then transfer their bad behavior to others is called transference.
  • In some cases, the lying perpetrator says that his counselor or doctor is the bad guy and the liar; this is called an inversion of the truth or an inverted lie—or a Big Big lie.
  • In the case of Hitler, he accused the Jews of lying and of…

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Durham Probe Revelations Refused by White House

Stephen Nielsen

White House refuses to answer question on Durham probe revelations

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign allegedly paid a technology company to ‘infiltrate’ Trump Tower and later the White House

Look at this video:Crenshaw reacts to Clinton bombshell: ‘One of the worst scandals of our lifetime’

Here is the Fox report:

White House deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre refused to answer questions about the Durham probe during Monday’s press briefing despite new revelations regarding Democratic efforts to link former President Donald Trump to Russia.

“I can’t speak to that report,” Jean-Pierre told reporters on Monday. “I refer you to the Department of Justice.”


The exchange comes after special counsel John Durham released in a filing Saturday alleging that lawyers for the Clinton campaign paid a technology company to infiltrate servers belonging to Trump Tower, and…

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Birds in their favorite tree

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