The Tiger Woods Craze

I’m sitting here watching the Masters, trying to figure out in my mind why I am so caught up with Tiger Woods—rooting for him.  What is it about him that makes him so popular and why do I (along with everyone else it seems), want him to win?  Here are some ideas:


Five Reasons Why People Can’t Help Rooting For Tiger Woods


1.  He appears to really want to win.  He has a winning spirit and a drive. I (we all) want that same winning spirit.   So we are drawn to Tiger like a magnet.  Is this it? 

2.  Tiger is a winner.  He has a winning record.  People like winners.  I like a winner.  I always tend to root for the winner.  Is this it? 

3.  He is likeable, friendly, and attractive.  Is this it? 

4.  He gets publicity from the media, and when he is talked about, people (like me) will pay attention to him.  Is this it?  I think we are getting warmer.

5.  The media has created a story around him (Thanks Jim for this idea).  They picked him as a star character in their story and they are sticking with him.  For a long time he was a winner in the story.  Well, as you know, he had a downfall, but now he is on his way up, and we are all cheering for him.  And we all wonder how he will do.  Will he make his way back up to the top?  Has he lost his confidence forever?  Will he do well but not quite be a winner?  Well, whatever the outcome, he is the main character in the story, and because we have gotten to know him and are caught up with him we will root for him whatever the outcome—because we love a story and we have fallen in love with the main character. 

Ever since we were children we were read stories and were told stories by our parents and teachers.  When we got older we read the  stories to ourselves and to our children.  We watch movies, and the movies with the best stories are the best.   Hey , here’s a thought: have you ever wondered why Jesus was and still is so popular, and for that matter why the Bible has always been the best seller of all time?  Well, one of the reasons I think is because Jesus loved to tell stories in His teaching (and people by the thousands were drawn to Him), and the Bible is full of stories.  

So, I’m thinking that this fifth reason is the key reason why I’m so caught up in the Tiger Woods Craze—because we have been caught up in the story that the media has created for us.  So it’s the medias fault!

What do you think?

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I'm an author, a self publisher, and a painting contractor. I live in beautiful Minnesota, USA . Welcome to my blog site.
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