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Easter: A Christian Holiday — Stephen Nielsen

Easter is to be a wholly Christian holiday. It is the celebration of the resurrection of Christ, and also the Christian’s resurrection to new life in Christ. The non-Christian can have no part in this holiday—because he or she has … Continue reading

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Seattle Seahawks: Who is Jesus?

This is an awesome video! To hear these men say that Jesus is much better than winning the super bowl really warmed my heart.

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Sports: Are you for them or against them?

This has become a very interesting topic for me, because I love sports; but almost all of my Christian friends aren’t interested at all in sports.  Most of them think it’s a waste of time, and some could give you … Continue reading

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Tim Tebow: Should he feel insulted that people are attributing his success to God?

  On Reussee and Mackey on 1500 ESPN radio today there was some things said about Tim Tebow that bothered me.  I think it was Mackey that said that Tebow should regard it as an insult that his wins have been … Continue reading

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Harmon Killebrew–I wanna be like Harmon!

  I’ve been listening to all the nice words about Harmon Killebrew today.  Everybody says he was such a nice man.  Those who got to the opportunity to meet him, even in these last months when he was sick, he would … Continue reading

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The Tiger Woods Craze

I’m sitting here watching the Masters, trying to figure out in my mind why I am so caught up with Tiger Woods—rooting for him.  What is it about him that makes him so popular and why do I (along with … Continue reading

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