Four Ways to Achieve United Prayer — #2 By Love


United prayer is when believers are drawn together, in mind and purpose, by the Holy Spirit, to pray according to the will of God.  Thus it is the mighty moving on believers to pray what is on God’s heart.  United prayer reaches its climax when believers come together—when they are pulled together by the Holy Spirit—and pray in agreement.


2.  United Prayer Is Acquired By Our Diligent Love toward All Believers

  United Prayer is first achieved by praying for it.  But we should add to our prayers our love for all believers, thus making our prayers sincere.  True love may be the greatest motivation of true prayer; when we are diligent to love each other we tend to remember to pray for them.  Let us carry the spirit of love in our mind and in our prayers for all believers everywhere, whenever we see them, hear about them, and think about them.  But let us also be diligent to practice acts of love. The following are some practical ways you can love other believers:

1. Send money and notes of your appreciation to the missionaries and ministry groups that you think are doing a good job and that you regularly pray for.

2. Volunteer your time and service to your church and to any other ministry groups that you are concerned for.

3. Make it your regular habit to pursue peace with all people (Heb. 12:14).  Likewise, determine to resolve any negative feelings toward other races and denominations. 

As much as you can, seek peace with all believers, and love them as your brothers and sisters; for your love for them is the will of God, and when you love them God will also draw you to pray for them.  You will find that love and prayer go together and can not be separated.  


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