United Prayer: Four Ways to Achieve it — #3 By Our Diligence in Prayer Ministry

There are always things you can do together with others in your church, or in your family, or in any other Christian groups that will help you to achieve united prayer.  Here are a few ideas.  (Note that not all of these prayer activities are usually done in groups. Some may be accomplished alone in your own quiet prayer time.) 

1.  Prayer Chains.  This is where prayer requests, usually more urgent requests, get passed around by telephone until all the people on the chain have been reached.  The key to make this work is for each member to pray for the request immediately (!), and then immediately (!) call the next person on the list.  This method can be quite effective to get people involved and praying for needs.

2. Praying around the clock.  Here people are given the opportunity to pray around the clock, each person praying during a certain time.  Usually people would sign up for a certain prayer slot ahead of time, and hopefully all the time slots around the clock would be filled.  Where there is one particular urgent need, this method will provide a period of unbroken prayer for as long as people are willing to commit themselves to pray.  This method of prayer, especially for those who have committed themselves to wake up during the night to pray, can be especially taxing, but it can also bring the greatest rewards.

3.  A special day of prayer.  I’m sure you have heard of the National Day of Prayer, on which we are all urged to pray on that one day of the year for our nation.  But why stop there?  Some have suggested making each Sunday a special day of prayer.  I think that’s a great idea.  Let’s take one or two hours on Sunday afternoon to pray—individually or with family or friends.

4.  Prayer lists.  This is a great way to remind your weekly prayer group of what all the needs are.  Along with passing out the list each week I also suggest that you verbally encourage your people to pray for them all.  And if you pray for all the needs on the list (when you are in your group or in private prayer), God will give you a great peace when you pray for them—because you have committed them all to Him (Phil. 4:6-7).

5.  Praying around the world.  For this prayer activity you will want to get a hold of a few good Christian magazines, missionary news letters, or handbooks that provide current prayer requests for Christian workers and needs around the world.  It may be fun to have a few people in your group to do the research and then come together weekly and share the requests before you pray.  Praying around the world in this way is one of the best ways to strengthen united prayer.  Practice it in your church groups and in your family prayer time, but also in your own personal quiet time.

6.  Praying with other Christians from other churches.  Sometimes it’s good to get out of our own church and mingle and pray with other Christians, even with people of different denominations and with people of different races.  When you discover that they love Jesus as much as you do, it will be a thrill to your soul and will serve to strengthen United Prayer.

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