United Prayer: Four Ways to Achieve it – #4 Through Leadership


Whenever there is a strong spiritual leader who is sincere and has a heart for God and a burning desire to lead people to follow God, usually (if God has been working in the hearts of the people) many will rally around him, and be motivated, and drawn together in unity to follow that leader.  Such was the case with King Hezekiah and the people of Judah.  Though Hezekiah’s father was an idol worshiper, Hezekiah decided to follow God instead.  And he encouraged all the people in the land of Judah to turn to the Lord. 

Thus there was a great revival in the land.  Many of the people rose up as one people and removed the pagan altars (2 Chron. 30: 14); and they worked together and worshipped the Lord together.  When the Levitical priests prayed, they all prayed with one voice.  2 Chronicles 30:27 says, “Their voice was heard and their prayer came to His holy dwelling place, to heaven.” 

So here we see that united prayer was achieved by one man, Hezekiah, when he decided to obey God in leading the people back to God.  It can happen also today with you and with me.  By your obedience God may work through you to bring people together in united prayer.


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