Three Secrets to Satan’s Strategy

1.  The devil doesn’t care much about you; his battle is against Christ in you.  He hates to see people coming to Christ and people growing in Christ.  On the one who is seeking salvation Satan will bring the worst doubts.  He will attack him with accusations and judgments and say to him, “What, you be saved?  Think of your past life.”  Then, to the newborn, he will tempt him to lose hope, disbelieve the inspiration of scripture, the deity of Christ and his salvation.

 2.  Satan hates those who are righteous and prayer warriors.  If you are righteous and a prayer warrior, like Job, he may hinder you and try to get an advantage over you by afflicting the ones you love.  Remember, he killed all of Job’s children and servants and turned his wife against him.

 3.  One of Satan’s greatest tactics is to leave us alone for a while.  Then when we think we are so righteous and strong we get lazy and think we don’t need to be vigilant. Consequently, Satan catches us sleeping and he gains victory over us. Spurgeon writes, “A roaring Devil is better than a sleeping devil.  There is no temptation much worse then that of never being tempted at all.”


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1 Response to Three Secrets to Satan’s Strategy

  1. Heidi Viars says:

    Thank you for this … a very timely reminder for me!!!

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