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Why Prayer is Necessary: #3 – To Help Us Stand Firm Against the Devil

Originally posted on Stephen Nielsen:
Jesus said, “Watch and pray, that you may not enter into temptation; the Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak” (Matt. 26:41).  Jesus knew that prayer was absolutely necessary to resist temptation, that without…

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3 Ways to Get Rid of the Sin and Darkness that Overcomes Us

  I think we all understand the temptation to sin. We understand that there is a devil that temps us, that we have sinful flesh, and that the world is also tempting us.  But what is really difficult to understand … Continue reading

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Three Secrets to Satan’s Strategy

1.  The devil doesn’t care much about you; his battle is against Christ in you.  He hates to see people coming to Christ and people growing in Christ.  On the one who is seeking salvation Satan will bring the worst … Continue reading

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