Seven Weeks and Sixty-Two Weeks: From the Issuing Of A Decree until Messiah the Prince — from Daniel 9:25

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Studying Bible Prophecy

Daniel praying In previous blog posts we have looked at the seventy weeks (of years) of Daniel (mainly from Daniel 9:24). Here in this post and in the next two posts we will be studying verses 25 through 27.  In these verses we have laid out so clearly before us a timeline of the entire seventy week period (490 years)—and it also includes a large gap of time that is not part of the seventy weeks.  Verse 25 tells us when the seventy week period begins and when week sixty-nine ends.  Verse 26, as we will explain, gives us key events that come as a gap of time between the end of the sixty-ninth week and the beginning of the seventieth week.  Last, verse 27 describes key events in the seventieth week—which is the great Tribulation period.

 Our study for this post will be from Daniel 9:25.

 So you are to…

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