The Rapture: 4 Possible Reason Why People Don’t Believe In the Rapture

Studying Bible Prophecy

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I can’t understand why so many people don’t believe in the rapture.  The teaching is so clear from scripture.  But they must have some reasons.  I have come up with four possible reasons why many do not believe in the rapture.


1. They are reacting against zealous and overzealous rapture promoters

When Hal Lindsey’s book came out, The Late Great Planet Earth, a lot of people got on his band wagon and were expecting the rapture to happen very soon.  I don’t really think Mr. Lindsey set any date for the Rapture, but a lot of people seem to think he did.  Tim LaHaye and his Left behind books (and movies) also created a big stir.  And there are other rapture zealots that are on TV once in a while, like Jack Van Impi.  I have to admit he is a little wild and crazy—but I really…

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