Read the Bible for What It Says


I have too often over the years been guilty of reading the Bible in the morning with the sole purpose of finding some spiritual nugget to help me for that day.  Though this may seem to be wise and well intentioned, I don’t think it is how we should go about our morning devotions.  I think a much better way is to read the word with the intent on knowing what it says.  Sometimes I think by always seeking for a solution to a personal problem we may see things in the Bible that really aren’t there.  I think it is much better, as we read, to ask God what the truth of the passage is, because out of that truth we will then no doubt see the correct application—an application that God will then adjust to our need.

I think at times I am just not patient enough to take the time to study the word for what it says in order to find its entire truth.  I would rather that God show me the answer I am looking for by a quick reading of a passage.  After all, I have to get to work and I only have 10 minutes to spend in the word.  So instead of trying to get the true meaning of the passage, I sometimes will just look for the answers—as if God has the answers to my problems secretly hidden in the passage.  I have to slow down and let the truth of the word come to me as the Holy Spirit shows it to me.  Then in His time He will speak to me out of the truth I have found by my diligent study.


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I'm an author, a self publisher, and a painting contractor. I live in beautiful Minnesota, USA . Welcome to my blog site.
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