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Our Prayers Will Fail If We Don’t Pray According to the Bible

  Here are the last seven reason why our prayers fail, beginning with our neglect of the Word of God.  Teachings on Prayer – We don’t let the Bible teach us how to pray.  Everything in the Bible was written … Continue reading

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Do’s And Don’ts of an Extended Prayer Time

  Here is step four and five, out of six, on how to have an extended prayer time, consisting of some do’s and don’ts.  4. Consider doing the following things to aid you in prayer. I have already, in previous … Continue reading

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Is it prideful to tell people about your holy habits?

I don’t make it a practice to tell people about my habits of bible reading and prayer.  But today in a church class we were to share what habits we have.  My first thought was to share about my morning … Continue reading

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Read the Bible for What It Says

I have too often over the years been guilty of reading the Bible in the morning with the sole purpose of finding some spiritual nugget to help me for that day.  Though this may seem to be wise and well … Continue reading

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