Choosing Trouble Instead of Comfort



Yielding to the way of trouble (when we know it is God’s will) may sound a little odd or even crazy, but God uses trouble for our good.  He uses it to discipline and correct us, to keep us holy and to bless us.

“Trouble [says E. M. Bounds] is God’s servant… [It] comes with [His] permission… [and is] under [His] control… [It] is one of His most efficient agents in fulfilling His purposes and in perfecting His saints.”

Now there are many that would ask, “Why could God be so cruel as to bring us trouble?”  Bounds says this: “God is sufficiently wise and able to lay his hand upon it [trouble] without assuming responsibility for its origin… He works it into his plans and purposes… [He makes it] the disciplinary part of [His] moral government.”

Therefore, we must remind ourselves that if we are truly and fully yielding ourselves to God, we also, at the same time, yield ourselves to trouble, since trouble is a part of His will for us.

But some people believe that we should always choose the way that is more comfortable for us.  This is the belief that no pain or suffering is of any value, that God has come to bring us only peace and comfort and prosperity.  It is the belief that since pain is of the devil it is no good at all; and if we are in God’s will we will be prosperous and comforted always, that no pain of suffering will be allowed to come to us.

The only trouble with this option is that sin sometimes comforts us, and then later brings us pain and suffering.  But God has provided a solution for even this this.  He, in His wisdom uses pain (the pain caused by sin) to discipline us in order to keep us from more sin, so that the pain and suffering from sin is reduced.  Unfortunately for us, discipline is painful; but gladly, the results bring us God’s peace (Heb. 12:11).



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