The Building of the Temple and the City of Jerusalem in the Millennial Kingdom

Studying Bible Prophecy



 Ezekiel temple

Click on picture above to see a Video  of the Temple

Since the temple and Jerusalem will be the center of worship and government, it will be important to begin construction of these places as soon as possible when the millennium begins.  We have already mapped out their locations, but were you aware that they will be located on top of a mountain?  Actually, Ezekiel 40:2 tells us that it will be on a “very high mountain”; and in Isaiah 2:2, we read that it will be on “the chief of the mountains.”

As we have previously indicated, most of Palestine will be relatively flat, so I take it that this area where the temple and the city lie, will be raised up high above all else.  I’m sure it will be a beautiful sight.  David describes the sight in this song.

Psalm 48:1-3
Great is the Lord…

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