Is it prideful to tell people about your holy habits?


I don’t make it a practice to tell people about my habits of bible reading and prayer.  But today in a church class we were to share what habits we have.  My first thought was to share about my morning habits of prayer and bible reading.  But I also have other habits; I could have shared about those habits.  I didn’t want to appear super holy, but then I thought that it may be good to encourage people.  Well, as it turned out, after I did in fact share my holy habits I felt that maybe I was being proud. I keep telling myself that I was just being truthful—sharing my life. But yet the way I feel now, I wonder if I did the right thing.  I feel I was being genuine in what I shared, but yet why do I now feel that maybe people are thinking of me as being prideful. And I have this question about myself: am I prideful?   I don’t want to hide my holy habits as to be ashamed of what I do, but yet I don’t what to exalt myself as to appear super spiritual.  What is the answer?


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3 Responses to Is it prideful to tell people about your holy habits?

  1. Heidi Viars says:

    I think we need to encourage each other always to be in the Word. But we also should be candid about our shortcomings and why we need the Word of Life and why we need a Savior in the first place 🙂 Thanks for this great post, Stephen

  2. Lee says:

    Great post. I think we all at times wrestle with that dilemma. You were asked and did not just start telling about your personal times with the Lord. That second situation could come from pride, but when you were asked, you were being honest about answering their question.

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