Mysterious Trumpet Sounds: Are They the Beginning of the Rapture Trumpet of God?

Studying Bible Prophecy


In the last few years people from around the world have been hearing eerie sounds in the sky.  Just in the last couple of years some have recorded these sounds on You Tube, and now you can hear them for yourself.  Here are two different web sites: click HERE and HERE.

What are these sounds?  To me it kind of sounds like a whistling sound of the wind, or maybe like an elephant, or a whale, or a loud scraping sound.  Here is what others have said it sounds like:

  • “It sounds supernatural”
  • “It sounds very eerie”
  • “A hum”
  • “It sounds like a trumpet or a horn, almost musical in quality”

I heard a person on one of those videos blow on a shofar, which is an ancient trumpet made of a ram’s horn.  Yes, this mysterious sound sounds a lot like that, only much deeper and louder.


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