Five Different Uses of “Lord” in the Bible

Studying Bible Prophecy

007   In the Hebrew scriptures the predominant word translated as Lord is Yahweh, used 6828 times; and the word Adon or Adonay is also used, found 439 times. Adon or Adonay is the word used when referring to God (or a leader) as a sovereign ruler, and Yahweh is the more common word used for God, meaning the self-existent or eternal one. In this study of the millennium we will examine five different usages of Lord (both Yahweh and Adonay), that will be used of Christ in His millennial kingdom, hence I was careful to study only those scriptures that I think are millennial passages.

Lord of hosts

This title depicts our Lord’s great might and power over all things.  In the NIV and in the NLT it is translated LORD Almighty.  But I prefer the older King James translation, Lord of hosts, because it seems to ring true…

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