Disrespectful Talk about President Trump: Freedom of Speech or Disrespect?

Prayer for Trump and Country


Freedom is one of the greatest things that America is known for—something most other countries don’t have. We have freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom to assemble peacefully, freedom to petition our government, and freedom of speech (the first Amendment to the Const.). Freedom is a very good thing, a gift from God, but it can be abused and misused.  For instance, we have the freedom to say anything we want about anyone, verbally or in print; but if what we say is disrespectful and unloving, this is not helpful. Disrespect of anyone is not good, especially if we are talking about authority figures—like the President.


1. We are required by God to submit to (and to have respect for) authority figures, because they have been established by God for our good. Consider the following passage in Romans…

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4 Responses to Disrespectful Talk about President Trump: Freedom of Speech or Disrespect?

  1. Genet says:

    Ha ha, if your need respect for your president then tell him to respect all people!! White people like to loot and rob African resources, but hate the people of Africa!! In addition, not all governments are put by God —instead by Satan! That’s why we see many of them commit crimes against their own people and sovereign countries!! God doesn’t put wicked people who go all over world and genocide his people! You might have a different God but my God is a holy God and not racist, and doesn’t like wicked people!

    • Romans 13:1 says, “For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God.” God in His wisdom will raise up and use evil nations to correct good nations (see Habakkuk 1:6-17). and it is true also that He will use wicked governments to judge and correct people whom He loves and will use for His good. Yes, God is a holy God and He can and will use anyone and anything to fulfill His will. President Trump is an imperfect man, but God can and will use him for His good purpose. And He will use this blog post and these comments for His good purpose too.
      My prayers are always for the people of Africa and for all people. I pray and do encourage others to pray for our government to treat all people well regardless of race or nationality.

  2. Hi Maybe you are getting your lines crossed.
    Respect is earned not demanded

    • I think both are true, Respect is earned. But at the same time respect is expected. We are all expected to respect our elders and those in authority. If we respect just those cops we like or those leaders we like we will have chaos. And I think that is why we have so much chaos in the world, because people don’t think they need to respect their elders and leaders. If we wait for our elders and leaders to earn our respect, we may be waiting a long time. Also, we must love and respect everyone always–not so much for how they act toward us, but for who they are–a creation of God and a fellow human being.

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