More Urgent Prayer Needed for President Trump

Prayer for Trump and Country

Yes, I am asking all Christians, again, to pray. As you probably know by know, this blog site is focused on prayer–mainly prayer for President Trump and for the country, the USA. Many prefer political blogs to be discussions of political topics and for the blogger to voice certain views. Well,  I’m not against doing that, but at the beginning I set up this blog site for prayer. Why? Because I think there is great value in prayer, and, since the problems we face today are so great, I believe that only God can fix them. Yes, our problems are so great that we must call on God for help. We can’t fix things without Him. We must ask Him for help.

Here are two prayer requests I have in mind for today:

  1. Since I can see that there is no legitimate reason to impeach the President, I ask you…

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