Progress of the Third Temple — Part Two

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In my last blog post on this subject we covered the administration aspects of the Temple. In this post we will talk about the progress of the Temple itself: the building, the vessels, and the ministry.

Planning the Temple Structure

In my research I was not able to find anything complete, but, apparently, as one source wrote, there is somewhere stored away…

a complete and highly detailed architectural plan which has been prepared for the immediate construction of the Holy Temple. The plan includes all of components that will be used in building: marble, stone, concrete, wood, flooring materials, overlay of gold, etc.16

This detailed plan apparently was made according to both former temples. There is an on-line 3D animation of the Temple sanctuary, however, it looks rather bland. But, according to the video description, “[The plan] includes room for further innovation by professionals and craftsmen, including decoration…”

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  1. iamlatin says:

    I pray that good divine of Heaven is by me forever But not daemonic

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