Third Temple Obstacles: Unbelievers

Studying Bible Prophecy

In addition to the Muslims and their dome structures on the Temple Mount, here are two more obstacles that are preventing the construction of the Third Temple.


Third Temple Unbelievers

In some respects, an even greater obstacle than Muslims are Third Temple unbelievers—those who have no desire for the Temple and don’t believe that a Temple is necessary. Generally speaking, we can probably divide Temple unbelievers into two groups: secular Jews and religious or spiritualized Jews. According to more Orthodox leaders, the secular Jew is not living on a spiritual level and he blames it on the absence of “the Shekinah,” which of course would be remedied by the Temple.

The religious Jew has another problem. He is over-spiritual, and he tends to spiritualize everything. So he has no hope or need for a Temple. In fact, he is just fine with everything the way it is, Muslims and…

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