World-Wide Socialism Is Coming

Prayer for Trump and Country

 I have read the book of Revelation many times, and as I have read through the seven seals (in chapter 6) I was always struck with the devastation that would be upon the earth in the future. However, recently, as I have again begun to read this mysterious book, I noticed something about the first four seals that I had not seen before. I saw a distinct pattern of socialism.

First Seal: Rev. 6:1-2

I watched as the Lamb opened the first of the seven seals. Then I heard one of the four living creatures say in a voice like thunder, “Come!” 2 I looked, and there before me was a white horse! Its rider held a bow, and he was given a crown, and he rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest.

Here we see that a rider on a white horse has a bow and he…

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