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The Lord’s Prayer: Its Form

  The prayer is arranged in three main parts: the address—“Our Father who is in heaven,” six petitions, and the doxology. We will focus, in this blog, on the six petitions.   The Six Petitions As for the six petitions, … Continue reading

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Three Types of Petitions—from the Disciples Prayer

The following article is an excerpt from this book.   When we look at the Disciples Prayer (or The Lord’s Prayer), I believe we see three types of petitions that Jesus taught (Matthew 6:8-13).    1. Invocation We get this … Continue reading

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Four Purposes of Prayer That Are Eternal

  By purpose I mean the direction that prayer should take; that is, what things God has designed for us to pray about. The purposes of prayer has been set forth for us in the Lord’s Prayer (Matt. 6:9-13).  Some … Continue reading

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Trusting God for Daily Provisions and Not Worrying About Tomorrow – Exodus 16

  The Collecting of Manna In the Wilderness The Lord provided daily food for Israel in the wilderness: meat (quail) in the evening and sweet manna in the morning.  They were not to gather extra and save the bread or … Continue reading

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