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Four Things to Pray That the Holy Spirit Will Do For Us

  As Christians we are indwelt with the Holy Spirit. But it is up to us every day to ask Him for His help. Here are four things we can ask of Him.   1.  That He will give us power … Continue reading

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Prayer for Three Essentials in Witnessing

  Three absolute essentials for witnessing are these: guidance, faith, and to keep a close relationship with God.  For guidance in witnessing.  As we go out, boldly, into the world to witness, we need guidance.  Many (including myself) have witnessed … Continue reading

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Three Types of Petitions—from the Disciples Prayer

The following article is an excerpt from this book.   When we look at the Disciples Prayer (or The Lord’s Prayer), I believe we see three types of petitions that Jesus taught (Matthew 6:8-13).    1. Invocation We get this … Continue reading

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Confidence in God: for 5 Things

  In my last post we learned from the Bible that confidence is a trust, mainly it is a trust in God. Confidence is also having hope, courage, and assurance.  Thus if we have confidence toward God we have hope … Continue reading

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Four Prayer Principles from the Lord’s Prayer

  Regard these four point as instructions on prayer from Jesus Himself.   1. Pray with priority Jesus taught us to pray, “Hallowed be Your name; Your kingdom come; Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” … Continue reading

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Living without Personal Goals: Living with a Day by Day Trust in God — from Matthew 16:21-25

I have always been one to believe in personal goals, as a means to give myself direction. But lately I have been rethinking this idea. God has given me a new idea. I’ve gotten it from Matthew 16:21-25. Matthew 16:21-25 … Continue reading

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A Prayer for God’s Presence and Leading – Psalms 32:8

Lord, be next to me always today.  When I don’t feel well, when sadness and depression comes near me You be their to help me.  Give me the strength to make it through those times.  Would you please give me … Continue reading

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