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A Lesson in Obedience and Trust from Elijah — from 1 Kings 17:1-24

My thoughts this morning have been on how God provided for and directed Elijah—and on how He will do the same for me if I just trust Him. For a month or so I have been reading a book about … Continue reading

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Five Blessings of Solitude

As you prepare for your time of solitude, don’t think of it as confinement, or as a punishment, or suffering. You can look forward to this time. It is a time that God has provided for you to be intimate … Continue reading

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Those Who Prayed For Big Things and Got Big Answers: 4 Examples

  There are numerous cases in the Bible of those who exercised great faith through prayer.  Here are just four examples.            1.  Abraham’s servant prayed for a wife for Isaac—Genesis 24:10-27.  There are two things in this story that … Continue reading

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Eight Descriptions of Fasting

The following is an excrept from my e-book Prayer A to Z.    Eight Descriptions of Fasting 1.  It is abstaining from food for spiritual purposes.  The Hebrew word for fast (tsuwn) means “to cover the mouth.”  The Greek word (nesteia) … Continue reading

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Fasting Through the Centuries

In the Old and New Testament period, in the early church, in the church throughout the centuries, and in America and throughout the World people have fasted. Fasting in the Old Testament.  According to Bible records, the practice of fasting … Continue reading

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Confidence in Prayer

The following article is an excerpt from Prayer A to Z. When we think about confidence, even when we say the word “confidence,” it makes us feel good doesn’t it?  It gives us a lift, gives us energy, strength and … Continue reading

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