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Confidence In the Bible – 5 Basic Meanings

Confidence is an essential ingredient for prayer, as well as for Christian living.  In my study of this topic, I found seven different Hebrew and Greek words that could be translated as confidence (Hebrew: mibtach, betach, and batach; Greek: peitho, … Continue reading

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The Obedience of Abiding

    Abiding is not just meditating on His Word and delighting in Him, and not just focusing on trying to bear fruit. It involves the action of complete obedience.  The whole reason why we meditate on His Word is … Continue reading

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Six Things That Happened At the Cross

There is so much that Christ has done for us by His death on the cross.  I suppose all of our life can relate somehow to the cross.  For now, we will focus on how our understanding of His death … Continue reading

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Charles Spurgeon wrote in His book, The Power of Prayer in a Believer’s Life,  My own soul’s conviction is that prayer is the grandest power in the entire universe.  It has more omnipotent force than any other force known to … Continue reading

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Spurgeon: on Revelation 5:6

“Lo, in the midst of the throne . . . stood a Lamb as it had been slain.”  Revelation 5:6  Jesus’ Eternal Wounds Why should our exalted Lord appear in His wounds in glory? The wounds of Jesus are His … Continue reading

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Definition of Prayer

Prayer has been defined or described in many ways. Here are nine different descriptions of prayer, by various authors:  1.  Prayer is asking and receiving.  According to E.M. Bounds, “Prayer is the outstretched arms of the child for the Father’s … Continue reading

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Confidence in Prayer

A few thoughts about confidence in prayer–from Prayer A to Z. When we think about confidence, even when we say the word “confidence,” it makes us feel good doesn’t it?  It gives us a lift, gives us energy, strength and … Continue reading

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