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The Meaning of Intercession – from Moses

Moses, like Abraham, was a great intercessor.  He was the one whom the Lord spoke to face to face just as a man speaks to his friend. Now when Moses was upon Mount Sinai receiving Gods laws, the people down … Continue reading

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3 Things to Pray That the Holy Spirit Will Do For Us

Let us pray that the Holy Spirit will do these three things for us and in us:   1.  Bring us into communion with God Since we know that God is spirit and that He is omnipresent, we can be … Continue reading

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Pray for the Holy Spirit to Open Eyes to See Four Things

  For those we are witnessing to, we should pray that the Holy Spirit would open their spiritual eyes to see these four things:   1  That they would see that they are lost.  By lost I mean those who … Continue reading

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God’s Grace after Sin

After a Christian sins there is always remorse and hopefully repentance. But if you don’t remember what Christ has done for you and what grace He has offered you, there may be undue shame and depression. Read these words by … Continue reading

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