Why the Peace Plan between Israel and the UAE is Prophetical

Stephen Nielsen

In my soon to be published book, After the Rapture, I talk about certain counties listed as Sheba, Dedan, and the merchants of Tarshish who will question the Ezekiel 38 invaders (Ezek. 38:13). The invaders, listed in Ezekiel 38:2-3 and 5-6, will come upon the land of Israel seeking after “spoil” and “plunder,” are mainly Russia, Turkey, Iran, Ethiopia, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and others (in the map in yellow).

But there are other countries closer to Israel (in green on the map) that are not listed as the invaders. These are Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, and Somalia. And we can also put on the list Jordan, Qatar, Bahrain and UAE. Some of these countries we can definitely say are the countries spoken of in Ezekiel 38:13, who will question the invasion saying, “Have you come to capture spoil?” These are listed in scripture as “Sheba” and…

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Nature’s Greenery

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Joy in Doing It Right

Stephen Nielsen

I’m not a carpenter; I’m a painter. But every once in a while, I am required to do a little carpentry work along with the painting job. Well, it just happened that in the job I’m doing now, there is this area on the exterior siding that needed some desperate help. It needed to be torn out and redone because of water damage. At first, I was going to try to find someone else to do it; then I said, no I can do it; I’ll figure it out.

As I began to tear out the old rotten wood, I told the client, “I think I will just tear out the rotten part half way up and put a new piece in and patch it.” She (the client) had her doubts about what I was intending to do and said, “Won’t it show?” But I said, “No problem, I’ll make…

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Wildflowers and Grasses

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Four Ways to Exercise True Christianity – Matthew 5:39-42

Jesus in His Sermon on the Mount gives us four ways to exercise His true teachings by dying to self. In D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ fine exposition of Matthew 5:39-42, he emphasizes that before we make any effort to follow Jesus’ teachings it is important to have an attitude and a mind that is prepared by the Spirit.

1. Instead of resisting an evil person that slaps us on the cheek, we should turn the other cheek also (v. 39). As a Christian we are not to be concerned with our own personal injuries or comfort. We are to be indifferent to self, believing that God will care for us. However, if we believe that the man who struck us is out of control and has a problem with anger, or a drug problem, or any other thing, it may be good to show him his problem and try to restrain him for his own good. This is the Christian response.

2. Don’t insist on your legal rights if someone is trying to sue you for a shirt. Instead, give him your coat also (v. 40). Again, God wants us to lay down our life for others. He wants us to trust Him for whatever we need. We are not to expect an evil (unchristian) person to do anything good to us. But if we have an opportunity to help them in any way and put them on the path to God, do it. Do it not for your good but for theirs—for their salvation.

3. If someone compels you to go one mile, go with him two miles (v. 41). Jesus here is speaking of the custom of the Roman government to compel any Jew to carry baggage from one place to another. They had the presumed authority to do this because they had conquered the Jews and had control over them. We are not in the same situation as the Jews were in that time, but the teaching holds for us also. If someone is trying to make us do something for them, we are not to resist them, but we should gladly agree to do it and more. That glad attitude is of Christ, and it will speak loudly of our Christianity.

4. Give to anyone who asks you for a something or wants to borrow something (v. 42). We should give with the attitude that all we have is from Him. We must be willing to give it away if God so desires it of us. We must hold it with an open hand and be willing to let it go. On the other hand, we should be wise and discerning. There are many swindlers and professional beggars our there. Give only to those who have real needs. And to the swindlers, try to lead them in the right way if you can.

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When Am I Most Believable?

Stephen Nielsen

If you’re like me, you hate it when people don’t believe what you say. There is no worse feeling than when you share an important bit of information with a friend, and he or she immediately turns to someone else to get a different opinion—to check the validity of your statement.

I hate that. Why don’t people just believe me? But then I ask, what makes me unbelievable? Maybe it’s the way I look. Do I look like a dork? A crazy person? An imbecile? Uneducated? Not confident in myself? What is it?

Or maybe it’s more than just the way I look. Maybe it’s the way I come across. The way I act. Maybe I don’t come across to people with confidence. Or maybe they just don’t know me well enough.

Maybe the question I should be asking is, when am I most believable? That’s easy. I am most…

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Ten Foot Tall Flower

Stephen Nielsen

I saw this huge flower from a distance. There were none others like it around. I walked over to it and it was at least four feet taller than me. I’ve never seen anything like it. I know sunflowers are tall, but their middle is big, to hold all the seeds, This one is not..

It is about as tall as Goliath. He was 9 foot 9 inches tall.

It’s stem is a good inch in diameter. And its branches are over a quarter inch in diameter.

What a flower. What a monster of a flower. I counted about 30 flowers growing off of this one stem. Anybody know what it is?

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Yellow and Purple Flowers

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Why So Much Rioting?

Stephen Nielsen

We saw the riots start just a few days after George Floyd was killed by Derek Chauvin, a bad cop in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It began by protest marches, protesting abusive policeman against black people. Almost immediately Black Lives Matter got involved and then also members of Antifa arrived from many locations and paid by rich people like George Soros and others. But BLM and Antifa are not the only groups involved. There are many others.

Where did these radical groups get their start? What is their belief system, and what motivates them?  I suppose many are motivated by money, a lot of it. They work as professionals. And I suppose they are trained and educated too, but I don’t know where. I do know that they (the main trailblazers) have been around for a long time, as long as Communism has been around. They have had a plan for Russia…

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My thoughts on Covid -19

Stephen Nielsen

I just finished my last posting on My Life Story entitled Retirement: Last Things. If you have been following along, I’ve been basically telling my story, as much as I remember of it. If you look at my categories, I have 62 total posts with ten different subcategories. Now I plan on making it into a book; that was my plan all along. So, next I will go through it and edit it, then write a short intro, and then I will go through the process, with Lulu, of making it into a book.

So, anyway, since I needed to write on something else, I thought I would let you know what I am thinking about Covid-19, and also the riots. I’ll take one at a time. Today it’s Covid-19.

Where Did It Start?

We know it started in China, probably in one of their labs. But the big question…

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