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Sexual Purity by the Power of the Gospel

  We have tried all kinds of things, haven’t we, to achieve sexual purity—to free ourselves from lust and sexual sins.  We have tried will power and daily repeating of things that we will and will not do.  We have … Continue reading

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Five Ways Praise Helps Me in Spiritual Warfare

It is no secret that the world, the devil, and all the forces of evil are at war with us (Christians) and want to discourage us and to defeat us.  But we have the advantage, for greater is He that … Continue reading

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Charles Spurgeon wrote in His book, The Power of Prayer in a Believer’s Life,  My own soul’s conviction is that prayer is the grandest power in the entire universe.  It has more omnipotent force than any other force known to … Continue reading

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And Lead Us Not Into Temptation, But Deliver Us From Evil

 After we have prayed for daily bread and forgiveness, we are made clean and strong, ready for duty and for battle.  But before we go out into the world we must pray that God would lead us and protect us.  … Continue reading

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