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Beauty beyond the Senses

When God made the world and all the things in the world He declared that it was “very good.”  In other words, there was nothing out of place; everything was provided for Adam and Eve to be very very happy … Continue reading

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Snow in Minnesota: God Has Made Me Glad!

  After the snow had come and gone After a good night’s rest I woke with a song The sun had come And I was hungry So I went to get some breakfast and a cup of coffee   I … Continue reading

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The Nearness of God Is My Good: Five Bible Passages

  Yes, the nearness of God is our good.  And we experience His nearness in all of creation.  When I behold all that He has made and know that He is present in all of it, and that He is … Continue reading

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Practice Right Thinking For Holiness–Philippians 4:8

   The practice of meditating on the Word will be most beneficial for right thinking, because when you are meditating on the scriptures your mind is occupied with right thoughts.  And the scriptures will also guide you in what else … Continue reading

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