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Four Things to Pray That the Holy Spirit Will Do For Us

  As Christians we are indwelt with the Holy Spirit. But it is up to us every day to ask Him for His help. Here are four things we can ask of Him.   1.  That He will give us power … Continue reading

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Confidence in God: for 5 Things

  In my last post we learned from the Bible that confidence is a trust, mainly it is a trust in God. Confidence is also having hope, courage, and assurance.  Thus if we have confidence toward God we have hope … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Why Every Christian Is Called To Reign With Christ in the Heavenly Places

  In previous posts I have written about the Christian’s authority in Christ and about the heavenly places, which is the spirit realm, the place where we reign with Christ. In this post I want to give some reasons why … Continue reading

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